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Open-ended polyurethane flat belts.
Thanks to its high flexibility and traction, the award-winning polyurethane POLYFLAT® belt allows compact drives with considerably smaller pulley diameters compared to conventional drives with steel cables. Smaller drive pulleys allow the use of space-saving gear motors. Small-size drive configurations with low inertia not only cut the manufacturing costs, but also lower the energy consumption. The CONTI POLYFLAT® has received many commendations and awards for its design and con- struction.
Areas of application:
The properties of the CONTI POLYFLAT® PU flat belt open up numerous new areas of application, e.g. in lifting systems, car washes, forklifts, handling systems and for scissors-type lifting tables.

Standard properties:
 oil and grease resistance petrol and benzene resistance hydrolysis resistance UV radiation and ozone resistance can be bonded with thermoplastics suitable for temperatures ranging from –30 °C to +80 °C For operational temperatures outside this range please seek advice from our technical experts.
By selecting different components and materials, the CONTI POLYFLAT® PU flat belt can be designed to meet customer spe- cific requirements on loading conditions etc. It is available in widths of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 85 and 100 mm.
The following versions continue to be available: XHS version with extremely high strength XHP version with very high strength HS version with high strength HP version as a reinforced type HP-Niro version with tension members made of stainless steel HF version with high flexibility.