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Tension Gauges.
 Electronically measurable belt tension – security for every drive The right initial tension in force- and form-locked belt drives is a prerequisite for trouble-free, long-term ope- ration of drives in industrial applications. The CONTI® VSM-1 and VSM-2 tension gauges are fully electronic measuring instruments desi- gned specially to measure the initial tension of timing belts, multiple V-ribbed belts and V-belts. They can be used to set the static strand force of belt drives, irre- spective of their tension members, simply and preci- sely.
VSM-1 and VSM-2 – Properties
Non-contact measure- ment
Flexible sensor arm per- mits monitoring even where access is difficult
Precise readings using optoelectronic measure- ment method
Serial interface for con- nection to PC
Initial tension data can be logged and processed
Incorporation in quality assurance process when checking series products
VSM-1 and VSM-2 – Benefit
The electronically measura- ble initial belt tension ensures that every industrial drive is operating safely.