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Modular conveyor belts

The modular conveyor belts that we offer have different open area, surface structure and wheels to them. They can be manufactured with cross profiles of different height and with custom-made side walls.
 The modular conveyors are made only from eco-friendly polymers. They have certificates which confirm the possibility of using them in direct contact with food.
 The selection of the conveyor belts materials is made by specialists in accordance to the field of use. The different additions to the content of the polymers allow the choice of a conveyor belt which corresponds to the conditions of exploitation, for example resistance to high(+150 degrees C) or low(-73 degrees C) temperatures, chemical resistance, antistatic and others.
 Materials used in the manufacturing of modular conveyors:
 Polyethylene – a material with high hitting strength and at the same time flexible enough.
 Conveyor belts made of this material have high chemical resistance and can resist low temperatures (from -73 degrees C to +66 degrees C).
 The range of work temperatures and the certification according to FDA allow the conveyor belts of this material to be used for transporting food in particular frozen ready-to-cook food.

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