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CONTI-V STANDARD Ultraflex, Multiflex

Wrapped V-belts
CONTI-V® STANDARD wrapped V-belts can be used in many and varied branches of industry. Advanced manufacturing pro- cesses and high-grade materials form a drive element that ensures excellent operational reliability even under difficult conditions.
Areas of application:
CONTI-V® STANDARD wrapped V-belts are used for demanding drive applications in mechanical engineering from precision mechanics to heavy machine construction.

electrically conductive according to ISO 1813 moderate oil-resistance unaffected by tropical climates suitable for temperatures ranging from –55 °C to +70 °C dust-resistant
CONTI-V® STANDARD wrapped V-belts are manufactured with fabric jackets and polyester high-strength low-stretch tension members. They are available in the following two versions: As CONTI-V® STANDARD Ultraflex narrow-section V-belts according to DIN 7753, as CONTI-V® STANDARD Multiflex clas- sical-section V-belts according to DIN 2215.